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The Perfect Storm:

The ABCs of Autism, ADHD and Sensory Processing Disorder

The Perfect Storm is a workshop that explores and explains the true causes of neuro-developmental disorders such as autism, ADHD, seizures, and sensory integration disorder, with a specific emphasis on the role of the brain and central nervous system.

This workshop will teach attendees where it goes wrong with spectrum disorders, developmental delays and chronic illness. Most importantly, the workshop will provide attendees with direction and an understanding of how to get their child’s nervous system balanced and healthy again, and therefore enhance and improve their child’s function and development, no matter the disorder.

This workshop is designed to provide information and action steps for parents, future parents, teachers, therapists, students and even adults that may be dealing with similar challenges.

Be sure to BRING YOUR FRIENDS and spread the message to other parents and individuals who you know NEED to hear this info!

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