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Your Second Visit- Report of Findings

Dr. Howell adjusting patient

On your second visit, you will again be greeted by our friendly staff upon arrival. The staff will check you in for your appointment and then you will be taken to the doctor’s office to review the information gathered during the first visit. We call this visit your Report of Findings and we encourage you to ask any and all questions you may have and to bring your spouse so everyone is on the same page.

We explain everything in advance

We will first go over the nervous system scans and show you what areas are under the most amount of stress and explain how it relates to you current health challenges. The scans are very important, as we will frequently refer to them and will re-scan on a very specific schedule to evaluate and document your progress.

We welcome your questions and feedback

We will review any X-rays that were ordered or provided. When necessary, the X-ray exam provides us with another piece of the puzzle and helps you to fully understand your current health challenges. The better understanding you have, the more of an active role you can take in your care. Again, any and all questions will be answered to the best of our ability.

After we have reviewed the findings of you exam and explained to you what they mean, we will go over your specific care plan. Most plans will consist of two separate phases and those will be explained at this time. Also, if any additional studies, referrals or exams are needed at this point, we will address those needs (ie. Nutritional consult, MRI etc.)

Once we have finished the report and answered your questions, we will take you to the adjustment area for your first adjustment. This will get you started on your road to recovery and wellness.

This appointment should take less than an hour and will end with you scheduling your next appointment with the front desk staff.

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