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Freedom From Ear Infections



This workshop is full of crucial information that all parents need to know about. Our goal is to offer this information from a different perspective and look at it through a slightly different lense. Empowering you with information to make the best choice for you and your family when it comes to chronic illnesses like Ear Infections.

You will learn that Ear Infections are one stepping stone in a process we call ‘The Perfect Storm.” This workshop will tell you exactly why the ear infections are occurring, why they keep coming back, what your options are for management.

We have included a preview of some of the information that will be covered in this FREE workshop.

Ear Infections and Antibiotics-

The Truth Every Parent Should Know

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Ask most any parent about ear infections, and you will most likely hear one horror story after another. Ear infection, or Otitis Media, is the most common reason for visits to the pediatrician’s office. It is estimated that over 9 million children per year will have an ear infection (85% of all children before the age 3).

Otitis Media is the general name for several conditions affecting the middle ear. The most common symptoms are earache, a feeling of pressure, and perhaps difficulty hearing due to increased amounts of fluid. Teething often produces similar symptoms, therefore one must carefully observe before jumping to any conclusions.

Historically, the treatment for ear infections has been antibiotics. This method of treatment has come under severe attack over the past several years for many reasons.

The first reason is that the overuse and over prescription of these antibiotics has led to what is termed “antibiotic resistant bacteria”.  These bacteria have ‘evolved’ and changed so that the antibiotics no longer effect them.  Because of this phenomena, stronger and stronger antibiotics are being used, which is leading to more and more resistance.

Another reason use of antibiotics has come under fire is because study after study has demonstrated that they are not effective.  In other words, they don’t work!  This is why so many children are on one antibiotic after another, stronger and stronger each time.  Sure, many times the infection will go away, but it quickly returns with a vengeance, and so begins the antibiotic roller coaster.

So what other options are available? What is the real cause of these ear infections? The answer to these and much more will be shared and discussed!

Please contact to find out more information and with any questions about the upcoming workshop. Dr. Travis is also available to speak for your Mom’s group and/or office staff about this topic and other health related topics.

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