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Healthy by Choice
30 Minute Webinar Series

It is no secret that our children are growing up in an unhealthy world. The statistics are scary and headed in the absolute wrong direction.

We created this webinar series with The National Wellness Foundation to give you an opportunity to take proactive approach to your family’s health heading into 2015.

We also know that December is crazy with all the holidays and quality family time and so we stepped out of our box and instead of doing live 60 minute workshops on a weeknight at the Library, we shortened our message in length (same great quality) and brought it to YOU.

You can watch these webinars in the comfort of your own office, coffee shop or house. You can pause, rewind and repeat them as many times as you want for one week each.

We encourage you to share them with friends, colleagues and parents in need of information and guidance.

Our goal is to INFORM you to make the most informed and best decision for your family when it comes to the four most common topics on parents’ minds today.

No fluff, just non-stop information and ACTION Steps to a healthier 2015 and beyond. So click the link, register for one or more and grab your pen… ENJOY

~Dr. Travis and the National Wellness Foundation.


Ear Infections and Antibiotics: Are they safe? Are they necessary? Are there alternatives?

ADHD: Ritalin, Adderall, Concerta: Are they safe? What other options are available?

The Perfect Storm: The cause behind neuro-developmental disorders and chronic illness.

Resolve to Raise Healthy Kids in 2015: Wrapping up the series with action steps and inspiration to make 2015 your best year yet!