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Allergies Workshop

Are you tired of suffering? Constantly turning to nasal sprays, pills, inhalers and shots just to put your allergies at bay for a few hours?

Would you like to find out the actual CAUSE of your allergies and why they affect some people and not others?

As a society we have been hard-wired to believe that every ailment requires a drug for treatment. That somehow our bodies were improperly designed or are “broken” and we need a laboratory chemical to “fix” us. The great news is… Exactly the opposite is true, we were designed to HEAL on our OWN and some responses are normal and protective based on our environment and lifestyle.

If your body has somehow lost that natural inborn ability to heal, we will teach you why that has happened and how it can be restored without the use of harmful and addictive sprays, pills and inhalers.

This event will open your eyes (and possibly your sinuses) to the TRUTH that no other health care provider is telling you…. Did you know that it is possible to beat these allergies and stop your dependence on medications to help you get through your day and sleep through the night… with the windows OPEN!!!

Warning: There will be references and instructions on how to properly rid your body of the excess snot and mucus without the use of drugs. Contact us to learn more!

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