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About Us

Dr. Travis Howell and his family

At Howell Chiropractic, family is our focus!

Thank you for renewing our HOPE!
Hayden C.

We Are Back in the Quad City Area!

After practicing on the East Coast for a few years, we decided to return to the Quad City Area in 2013. Dr. Howell is excited to be back in the beautiful Midwest! The East Coast was great but with a young family of our own, we wanted to be surrounded by people just like us with common interests and values. Davenport has a great family feel and we are stoked to raise our family here.

We want to build a practice with a warm, inviting, family setting so our patients know they are in the right place and can trust us. We are here to serve the entire family and community and to be resource for any and all questions you may have as you and your family travel the health care pathways.

We Want You to Feel Inspired and Motivated About Your Health

We also strive to help our patients feel motivated and involved in their care, and to become active participants in improving their health and wellness, rather than to just “do what the doctor says.”

Our goal is to get the sort of results and outcomes that greatly impact your ability to live and experience a full and exciting life. We are here to help beyond your pain or symptoms…helping people achieve levels of health they never knew or thought they could, after the pain is long gone.

Questions? You can always Email Dr.Travis

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